As últimas horas do outono


Uso de uma paleta de cores mais limitada e bastante pincel seco sobre a primeira aguada. Devido ao chamado over brushing e por não saber a hora certa de parar, algumas áreas sujas acabam se destacando.

The last hours of the autumn – An attempt of doing something not too colorful using limited palette and lots of dry brush over the first wash. I’ve got some muddy here and there due to the over brushing process, but it is ok.
(Arches cold press paper and Van Gogh colors)

6 thoughts on “As últimas horas do outono

  1. Hemangini

    Vibrant colors mixed together to make a painting… Love it. I saw so many of your paintings till this post and I was in awe of all of them. Love them. Have a colorful 2017 🙂


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