Dark waters


Just warming up with these sketches, planning something bigger.
I had almost throw it away because I hadn’t achieved a good reflection effect and didn’t look good at all. It turns out that I let it dry completely and then, on the following day I had changed my mind. The colors had become less saturated and the reflections now look better. Lesson: Let the watercolor dry before anything else.

A “ideia” inicial era descartar porque não parecia bom. Principalmente os reflexos na água. Mas após secar completamente, no dia seguinte eu mudei de ideia. As cores se tornaram menos saturadas e os benditos reflexos pareciam mais convincentes. Lição: Antes de qualquer coisa, deixe a aquarela secar completamente.

MontMart Liner brush set


I used these fantastic long needle brushes for the masts and wires on the bridge. A perfect combination of  fine liner and large mop. Awesome for fine details and precise long lines. Also, it works great for broad brush strokes using the bottom part as you can see below. I have bought my MontMart Set with three sizes from ebay, but it is sold by amazon too.
(Although it is great I recommend only for watercolor because the tip is quite flexible and maybe not stiff enough for other medias such as gouache or oil.)

Usei esses fantásticos e longos pinceis em forma de agulha, nos mastros e cabos da ponte. Excelente para trabalhar com finos detalhes. Muito bom também para traços mais largos e variados usando a parte de baixo com movimentos laterais. Comprei meu MontMart Set  que vem em três tamanhos no ebay *(não fui taxado mas não posso garantir nada). Lembrando que também são vendidos pela amazon.
Recomendo mais para aquarela porque a longa ponta é bem flexível e talvez não firme o suficiente para tinta guache ou óleo, por exemplo.


6 thoughts on “Dark waters

  1. Heide

    Will you please mail me your sketches that “don’t look good at all” rather than throw them away? 🙂 I’m glad you changed your mind about these; I find them beautiful beyond words.


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