My Harbour obsession

Kind of an imaginary harbour using mostly gray and turquoise colors. Plus, some splash of white and blue using a tooth brush in onder to make a hazy effect.
Van gogh watercolor on Arches rough paper – 35 x 28 cm.

Cenário imaginário de um porto usando mais cores cinzas e azul turquesa. Respingos de branco com azul na tentativa de criar um efeito nebuloso.
Aquarelas Van gogh em papel Arches rough – 35 x 28 cm.

fishing-boatsExercitando o desapego e o medo de errar na aquarela. Pinceladas soltas enquanto o papel estava ensopado. Logo depois de um tempo, pincel seco em algumas partes. Acho que tive sorte no final.

No fear of failure in watercolor. Loose brush strokes while the paper was still soaked and some dry brush afterwards. I guess I was lucky in the end.

5 thoughts on “My Harbour obsession

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  2. Skyblue32

    I have been following your work for a while Andre, and am always excited to get emails about your latest releases. I hope one day I can support you. Your work creates a space to challenge the rigidity with which I approach and categorize reality. And the painting with the red boat makes me feel like a openminded explorer in a comfortably unfamiliar place. By the way, is the towering shadow above the grey house a large mast?

  3. André Mangabeira Post author

    It’s nice to know that you like my sketches and experiments. I wish I had time to produce more things…
    Regarding your question, I really don’t know. (LoL). It is kind of an imaginary landscape inspired by some photos and maybe it is the result of some spontaneous brush strokes. Thank you for your comment.


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