2 thoughts on “Delivery world

  1. Michael Lovette

    I really enjoy your work! I know I’ve said this before, but, you seem to know just what to add and, just as important, what to leave out. You give the viewer just enough information to convey the image. Great work!

  2. André Mangabeira Post author

    Hi Michael. Thank you so much again for your opnion. In a world of random likes everywhere, nothing like a real thought. Especially coming from another artist. Yes, you are right, I try to keep this sort of a loose style but eventually I end up ruining things up, mostly when working with watercolor which I do not master. However, when I use mixedmedia technique, like on this piece, I feel more open to experiment things a bit. That’s the plan. Thank you so much and sorry any english mistake. Take care.


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